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Define mull over

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define mull over

Define mull: to grind or mix thoroughly: pulverize — mull in a sentence. used with over mulled over his choices It's a fine offer, but we need time to mull it over. Synonyms of mull over: ponder, consider, study, think about, examine | Collins English Thesaurus. Synonyms for mull over at kikine-ptp.eu with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.


Mull Over - Phrasal Verbs 2 - ESL British English Pronunciation define mull over

Define mull over - bietet aber

Origin of mull 1 Expand. Never mind all that, Zizi said, impatiently, it wont get us anywhere to mull over that. Word Origin and History for mull over Expand. Synonyms for mull over. Ponder, think about, as in She mulled over the offer for some time and then turned it down. England planning to cover Flintoff's likely Test absence.

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